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Major Attraction

Taj Mahal
The mausoleum was built by a grief stricken Emperor Shah Jahan as a memorial to his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Started in 1631 it took almost 22 years to complete. The finest of skilled artisans were brought in to inlay the marble with semiprecious stones and to enclose the cenotaph in lacy marble screens. The perfection of the marble structure is set off by a serence green garden bordered by red sandstone walls and tall gates. The Jilo Khana is the Main gate. A small museum at the left of the main central chamber has the details the of how the Taj Mahal was built. (The TAJ is closed on every Friday)

Agra Fort
This splendid red sandstone Fort stands on the banks of River Yamuna. Within are several exquisite palaces & pavilions-Moti Masjid or the Perl Mosque in white marble, the Diwane-i-am and Diwan-i-khas the two audience chambers, Jehangiri Mahal, an elegant double storeyed palace built in 1611, Khas mahal and Sheesh Mahal the beautiful palace of mirrors. From the Samman burj an octogonal tower in the fort there is a fine view of the Taj Mahal. It was here that Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son and spent his last days gazing at the tomb of his beloved wife.

The mausoleum of Mirza Ghiyas Beg the father of Empress Noor Jehan is embellished with pietra dura, marble inlay and lattice work marble screens.

The fine mausoleum of Akbar combines the Muslim and Hindu styles of Architecture. Intricate mosaic work in elaborate geomatric designes decorate the structure, which is set in a spacious garden.

This tomb decorated with glazed tiles. It is the tomb of Allama Afzal Jhan Shukhrullah of Shiraz, a well known poet scholar, who took employment with Jehangir in 1617 and later became Prime minister under Shah Jahan. He died in Lahore in 1639 and his body was brought to Agra and buried here.

Fatehpur Sikri - 45 Kms A fascinating capital town preserved in its entirety. it was built by Akbar to honour the Muslim Saint Sheikh Salim Chisti who lived here. Towering fortfications, massive gateways and airy palaces with their pierced stone screens display the finests of Mariyam and his Turkish Sultana, built in varying styles, each perfect in itself, the airy panch mahal a five storeyed structure rising in pyramidal fashion was probably used by the ladies of the court. The Diwan-I-Khas entirely unique in its concept is a tall vaulted room with an intricately carved central pillar and capital supporting a platform that once held the emperors throne. Fatehpur Sikri Narrow galleries link this to the corners of the room where it is believed his ministers sat. Set like a jewel in a courtyard of pink sand stone is the marble tomb of salim chisti, enclosed by delicately carved marble screens. The buland darwaza, an imposing gateway 54 m high was built to commemorate Akbar's victory in Gujrat and was completed in 1575.

Bharatpur 65 Kms
One of the finest bird sanctuaries in the World, the Keoladeo Ghana National Park at BHARATPUR was once the wild fowl hunting preserve of the Maharaja of BHARATPUR. In winter over 350 species of birds including Migratory birds can be seen here. Raised pathways camouflaged by trees and undergroth make viewing easy. A boat ride in the early misty hours of the morning can be magical. THE cacaphony is unbelievable as Spoonbills, Egrets, Painted Storks, White Ibis & a variety of others tend to their young in the mixed heronries on the half submerged babul trees, Jacanas with their Bharatpur iridescent colours and spectacular purple meroon can be seen delicately treading over the floating vegetation. Migratory species including the occasional Siberian crane arrive to swell the numbers in the winter months. In the marginal forest around the Lake are species of Deer - sambhar - nigai- chital- and also the lesser predator like the fishing cat, jackal, hyena, mongoose and porcupine. Phythons are also seen sunning themselves at the water's edge or at python point.

Mathura 50 Kms
Enroute to Agra from Delhi, Mathura with its ghats and temples is associated with the legend of Lord Krishna. It was here that he was born. He spent his childhood in Brijbhoomi, the area around Mathura that has various places of historical and religious interest. Among the places to visit in Mathura are the Sri Krishna Janmasthami, Dwarkadish Temple, the Gita temple, the ISKCON temple at Vrindavan, Vishram Ghat, Kansa's Fort and Jama Masjid.

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Agra the historical City of India , was once the capital city of great muhgal empire. The rich dynasty had pleasure to make the monuments of love & faith. Taj is the live symbol this tradition.

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